Singapore Leak Repair Service

Need help with a leak in your home or office? The plumber’s at Sincere Home are readily available to assist you with leakage repair. Our leak repair services comes with a 3 month warranty. This help ensure our quality of repair is up to the standard we have set for ourselves.

Our plumbers undertake repair work to leak of the following:

How can i be sure that the leak is repaired properly?

As mentioned above, we do provide a 3 month warranty for the leak repair. On top of that, payment would not be collected till you have verified that the leak is repaired.

If the leak i am experiencing is not listed above what should i do?

You can call us at 9100 6064. Our friendly operators would be on hand to assist you.

Why should we engage your leak repair services?

Frankly we are not going to lie out right claiming to be the cheapest or anything as such. All we can promise is that we would do to our best of ability to fulfil the standard set by our company to provide a reliable and honest service to our customers. Our plumbers would definately not be rude nor would we walk away with a leak repair half done.

Should you have any question or need help with your leak repair, do contact us at 9100 6064.